Getting ready for Open Enrollment?

October 27, 2023

Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace is just around the corner, so it’s good to start preparing now.   The dates for Open enrollment is November 1st– January 15th for coverage starting the next plan year.  The first day you can enroll in, re-enroll in, or change health plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace is November 1.  If you would like to have coverage start on January 1st, then you must enroll in coverage by December 15.  We have seen plans change, so it’s important to review the plans to ensure you or your family are in the right plan.  New, more affordable plans may be available.  Prices change every year, and your situation may have changed, so it’s best to review the plans with coverage and features that best meets your needs.  If you don’t have health insurance through a job, Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or another source that provides qualifying health coverage you are eligible to enroll into the Health Insurance Marketplace which can be found at   Outside the yearly Open Enrollment Period, you can get coverage or change plans only if you have a life change or income that qualifies for a Special Enrollment Period.

Most people qualify for savings and your savings depend on your expected household income for the year.  Based on your income estimate, you may qualify for a premium tax credit that lowers your monthly insurance bill, or extra savings on out-of-pocket costs like deductibles and copayments. 

All Marketplace plans cover 10 essential health benefits including prescription drugs, emergency services, hospitalization, laboratory services, and mental health and substance use disorder services.  All plans cover pre-existing conditions as well. Getting started is easy and free. Just callany of the community health centers to set up a FREE appointment with an Enrollment Specialist.

Open Enrollment runs from November 1 through January 15

  • Enroll by December 15 for coverage that starts January 1
  • Enroll by January 15 for coverage that starts February 1