As a community, we have an obligation to make sure Nebraskans have healthcare coverage – and up to 80,000 are at risk

June 6, 2023

The public health emergency

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people across the country have been covered by Medicaid due to the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act’s provisions requiring continuous enrollment in Medicaid. This access to Medicaid has allowed the 390,000 individuals, families, and children in Nebraska to maintain insurance coverage throughout the pandemic and receive critical healthcare services and benefits.

With the end of the federal mandate requiring states to provide continuous coverage to Medicaid enrollees during the PHE, Medicaid members need to ensure their contact information is updated with Nebraska Medicaid. This will ensure Nebraska Medicaid is able to reach members if they need additional information to confirm eligibility.

Nebraska Medicaid is asking all members to make sure their mailing address, phone number and email address on file are correct in ACCESSNebraska. ​​Enrollees may log in to or call (855) 632-7633 for more information and to update their information.

The good news is that many people likely remain eligible for Medicaid, but the timeframes to renew each Medicaid member is limited. For this reason, it is critical that Nebraska Medicaid is able to contact Medicaid members and that members promptly respond to requests for additional information.

Health care coverage for routine care is the foundation for better health

Regular doctor visits allow individuals, children, and families to obtain preventive care, critical screenings and the services needed to achieve their best health.

For both children and adults, healthcare delays may mean missed opportunities to better manage chronic conditions, receive timely routine vaccinations or diagnose new conditions, which could negatively impact a person’s long-term health and well-being.

How to stay covered

For those no longer eligible for Medicaid, there are other ways to stay covered. Many people may qualify for low-cost or no-cost Qualified Health Plans, depending on their income, through Other options might include coverage under a group health plan through an employer.

Everyone should have access to high-quality equitable care, without having to worry that they will be unable to afford the bills. At UnitedHealthcare, we are dedicated to supporting our members and connecting all Nebraskans with resources to ensure they retain access to the care they need to live healthier lives.